iQ Series
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Deionized Unit for Industrial Applications

Deionized Unit for Industrial Applications


Industrial environments demand rugged, deionized-water heaters—and this model meets the challenge. Built for tight spaces and tough conditions, the iQ251D is the most compact and only gas-fired deionized tankless water heater on the market. Count on this unit to deliver efficient, consistent, durable performance in diverse applications—industrial finishing/cleaning; electronic parts fabrications; food processing; water purification; reverse osmosis systems; as well as the aerospace, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and glass industries.

A Cascaded System with Independent Operation


The iQ251D units can be cascaded—up to 10 altogether—for a combined capacity of over 2,500,000 Btu/h. Best of all, these heaters do not require a master controller (the kind that can cause single-point system failure). With Intellihot’s patented design, each unit has enough internal logic to operate independently. In fact, if any one unit needs to be checked or serviced, the other units will continue to function smoothly to ensure continuous hot water.

Key Features

  • Gas-fired – 73KW of heating capacity available with low pressure drop; capable of 9.6 GPM at 50F temperature rise

  • Commercial-grade – features a surgical stainless-steel heat exchanger for long life

  • Trouble-free – flexible heat exchanger built to accommodate quick temperature changes and continual on-off cycles with minimal stress

  • Compact – high power (73KW) in a small package vs. electric water heaters, with no need for 440V or large amperage

  • ASME-HLW compliant – suitable for applications managed by engineers, specifiers and contractors

  • Best ROI – uses natural gas, which lowers operating costs vs. electric water heaters

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